Get Rich in Singapore

Getting rich in Singapore might not be as straight forward as La Kopi in Kopitiam

Get Rich!!! Singapore, the most expensive city in the world and getting rich is every Singaporean’s dream but investment scams are on the rise and how do you identify them before investing in them. is formed by a group of civil minded local Singaporeans who are sick and disgusted with the various Get Rich Schemes in Singapore that prey on Singaporean’s dreams of getting rich.


Get Your Financial Freedom Smartly


There are legal ways and illegal ways to Get Rich.  It is easy to spot illegal ways of getting each (eg. Robbing a bank) and most people will avoid.  However, it is the legal ways of getting rich which most people have difficultly telling which are the ones which are genuine and the ones which are scams.

These so called Legal Get Rich Schemes usually come in the form of Courses that share with you some secret strategy to either invest your spare cash, do internet marketing or build a network of sales people.

We have no issues with those courses where the strategies are good strategies and where the trainers have genuine long term results to proof that what they teach really work.  However, we found that majority of these schemes are not able to produce the Get Rich Results they promised after charging their students thousands of Dollars for a few days course.

Get RichThe purpose of this website is to provide honest and neutral reviews of the various Get Rich Schemes usually offered as Courses.  Examples are Forex, Options, Stocks Trading Strategies and Internet Marketing.  Many of these courses charges high course fees, promising a quick way to Get Rich by highlighting either false results or a few lucky students who managed to make money.

Some of these Get Rich Investment and Internet Marketing Courses will show off the founder driving Gold Plated Expensive Cars, Staying at Sentosa Cove and having an easy luxurious life style, and want to pay-it-forward by sharing their secrets with you!  The truth is that most of these trainers are in fact making money from the course fees than from applying the strategies they teach.


Invest Money Correctly


It is not the intention of this website to target a particular training school or trainer but highlight to the public what are the things to look out for before signing up for any courses or Investments Schemes which promises you that you will Get Rich after attending the Course.  It is also our intention to do our reviews in a light-hearted and humorous manner when reviewing all various Get Rich Schemes, in the hope that you will share what you have learnt with your friends.

We also welcome the public to share with us any Get Rich Schemes they have come across and we will try our best to find out more about them to see if they are genuine or a scam.

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