Forex Position Sizing


Forex Position Sizing! Forex is actually short for “foreign exchange”, but the asset class that is being referred here is currencies. Foreign exchange or Forex is basically the act or method of converting the currency of one country into the currency of another country for various reasons, generally for commerce or tourism. Now that businesses are going global, the need for a foreign exchange or Forex is now on the rise.


What is a Position Size in Forex?


Your trade size or Forex position size is more crucial than your exit or entry on the trading day of Forex. You can get the best strategy of Forex in the entire world; however, if the size of the trade is very small or big, you will either have too little or too much risk. The latter scenario is a thing to worry, as putting too much on risk can exhaust one trading account more quickly.

The position size in the forex is the number of lots (standard, mini, or micro) one takes on one trade. The risk is further divided into 2 parts; account risk and trade risk.


How to Calculate Position Sizes in Forex Based on Account Size and Risk Comfort Level?


Position sizing is an effective strategy of money management. As the term position sizing implies, it consists of understanding the size of the position that a person is going to choose on one particular trade. It is believed by many that the position size taken in the trades is the main crucial factor in creating equity in the trading account. As a matter of fact, sizing of the position will help in determining the most magnified and the quickest returns, which can be generated by a trade.


Three Things One Must Know


Value per PIP

PIP or “Point in Percentage” is basically a point for calculating losses and profits. When trading one mini lot, which is ten thousand units of currency, one PIP is roughly worth one unit in which the account is denominated.


The Dollar Value You Are Risking on Each Trade

When a person is trading for some time or starts out as one new trader, he/she may be unable to understand how much he/she is risking on each trade that he/she enters whether in forex or futures. Actually, the difference between the entry price & the stop price determines the risk.


The Distance of Your Stop Loss

Stop loss may not be a very glamorous topic of trading but it is an important one. For the traders, everything depends on proper risk management and stop loss placement. If a person understands these trading aspects, making money will become easier for them.


The Importance of Correct Position Sizes


Determining the right position size prior to trading can have positive or a good impact on the trading results. A reader adjusts the position size to understand the risk in that trade. To achieve an ideal position size, the trader must know his/her stop level & the dollar amount or percentage of his/her account that he/she wants to risk.


Forex Position Sizing Calculator/Formula


The Forex position sizing calculator makes it easy and quick to determine a trader’s required position size for any trade. Using a Forex position sizing calculator is also one very good way to become more confident with the lot sizing. Understanding the kinds of lots is very important as it is one of the main aspects of Forex. As a trader gets more comfortable and confident using the Forex position sizing calculator, he/she will become more comfortable and confident with standard, mini, micro lot sizing.

In Forex, a lot means the standard unit that is used in measuring a currency’s quantity. On the 10th of one lot, one mini lot is found. On the other hand, when you place one order for one micro lot, you have actually placed one order for one thousand units of a currency that is being sold or bought.

For the majority of traders including the traders with limited or little funds, swing trading or day trading for some days can prove to be a clever way to be a part of Forex markets. For investors with bigger fund pools and longer-term horizons, the carry trade can prove to be an ideal alternative. In both the cases, investors should know how and when to use the charts for proper timing of their trades, because good timing can be considered the main essence of a profitable trading.