Developing Your Own Forex Trading Plan


There are many cases of general misunderstanding in some people every time the words “Forex Trading” are mentioned. It is a misconception that one requires highly specialized technical market knowledge to indulge in the Forex trade. You need a trading plan that will assist you in measuring your trading success. Without a well set out trading plan, you may be setting yourself up for loss, a reality that has been witnessed in many people.


What is a Trading Plan


A trading plan can well be understood as a set of guidelines or structure which you use when defining your trading activities. A trading plan can perfectly come in handy when you are trying to focus on your trade plans as well as executing your trading strategies. Using a winning plan when trading can be likened to building a business, with a main focus on making profits rather than attempts to beat a particular market.


Setting up your Trading Plan


When you decide to take a leap in forex trading, you will realize that it is important to develop strategies that you will follow in your trading plan.


Trading Skill Assessment

Being ready to start trading and thoroughly testing your system through paper trading is key to boost your confidence. You need to possess the ability to follow your signals with no hesitation as trading is considered a duel of giving and taking. As a beginner, when you are educating yourself on the trading basics, it is advisable to stick with the default settings and the simple indicators. With more improved knowledge and understanding, you can then attempt to understand the mathematics and statistical details being used to derive certain trading indicators.


Use Time to Prepare Yourself

Forex traders know and consider time spent in trading as a very important success measuring factor. It may not always work for everyone to be able to monitor trade markets all day. Forex traders may be categorized as part-time traders if they apply a scalp trade strategy that allows them open and close trades in a period of a few hours. On the other hand, there are those that prefer longer trading approaches which require them to check on their trades regularly.


Assess Your Risk Level

You should decide on how much of your portfolio you choose to use in a trade. This can range from one percent to a given five percent on a certain trading day. Losing a set amount of your trading money at a point in a day can enable you to minimize a risk, and is usually affected by your risk tolerance and the trading style you use.


Consider the currency pairs to use in your trading plan

It is important to consider the pairs of currency that you plan to apply in your trading. The Forex market holds plenty of currencies, but it is highly advisable to base your financial options on those that are more active while you are trading.


Importance of having a clear Trading Plan


To maintain your capacity to profit in Forex trading, you have to treat it as a business. Even where there may not be a direct guarantee of immediate success in trading, a workable plan is essentially hailed. It serves as a fundamental landmark that sets traders on the right path to success and survival in the Forex trading game. Thus, a clear trading plan is essential in that it offers you:-

a. The ability to identify your goals
b. The ability to organize your market research and your trade activities
c. The ability to take a stand
d. The ability to set your emotions and trading skills in check




A good trading plan will help you to see and map out your market exposure. It will assist in addressing key areas of trading including the timing, market volatility, prediction, and risk. While it may be termed a fact that there exists no absolute blueprint in the development of a perfect trading plan, it is advisable to apply a few simple trading rules. These include recording down your trading progress to get a clearer grasp of your past and present trades. Also, you should write down important things like your trading reasons and key objectives you desire to achieve. It is important to be in control of your finances to be able to manage your investments.