Investment Opportunities In Singapore

Review of Investment Opportunities in Singapore

Types of Investments Opportunities in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to live in and there are many types of investments available in the city. In this little red dot, a lot of people are looking for investment opportunities and continuously chase their dreams like being financially free, to become a millionaire or even billionaire.

Types of InvestmentsHowever, before you are get ready to jump in and invest on any of the so called lifetime investment opportunity, ask yourselves these questions, have you done enough homework on the financial instrument or type of investment that you are going for? Is it a real deal or scam? Is it regulated and legal? What is the motive of the person that introduced this product to you? If it is too good to be true, what is the catch?

All the questions above may sound too conservative to some of you. However, at, we practises better be safe than sorry. We understand every single cent that you put into any form of investment is the hard earn money regardless whether from your full time job or business.

Therefore in, we are going to share and reviews all sorts of investment opportunities, financial instrument, financial schools and gurus, so that our readers can understand more about what are risk involved and prevent you from getting scammed or cheated.

Below are few types of investment or trading instrument that are available in Singapore. We are cover them one by one with easy to understood English so that you can even read this while you are having coffee at Kopitiam.


What is available in Singapore


  1. Startup
  2. Buy over business
  3. Property
  4. Bank Products
  5. Bonds
  6. Stocks/ Shares
  7. Investment Funds
  8. Annuities/ Endowment Policies
  9. Options Trading
  10. Commodity Futures
  11. Security Futures
  12. Contract for Differences (CFD)
  13. Forex

Last but not least, investment opportunities are all around Singapore. The key is that you need to really understand what you are doing and fully aware of the risks involved. Remember, there is no free lunch; do your homework and the final decision is in your hand.